Home Sales Reps

Love jewelry?  Want a job working from home?  Become a Blair's Jewelry & Gifts Home Sales Rep.


What makes home sales for Blair's Jewelry & Gifts different than any other home sales business?

In one word, variety.  The problem with most home sales companies is there are so many reps for each business and they all sell the same thing.  Customers get bored.  If they've been to one home party in the last 6 months to a year, chances are they have seen all the inventory the company has to offer.  They don't want to go to, or host multiple parties. Blair's Jewelry & Gifts reps all sell different inventory and they have the option to trade out inventory for new items as frequently as they want.  Customers can then go to or host multiple parties and not see the same things.  Plus they get to see the inventory in person and take home their purchases the same day!

So how does it work?

You purchase your initial inventory kit for $125.  It includes a selection of fashion jewelry valued at $250, 3 necklace displays, shopping bags, receipts, and business cards.  You will also receive your personal discount code to use on our website to replenish your inventory as needed.  You can trade out inventory for new items at any time however you are responsible for shipping expenses back to Blair's Jewelry & Gifts.  We will ship back your new items at no charge.  All items being returned must be new with the tags on.  Damaged items may be accepted for partial credit. 

Can I choose the items I want to exchange for?

No.  The reason for this is to maintain variety between reps.  Blair's Jewelry & Gifts orders most inventory in small quantities.  These items are not added to our website because its not worth the length of time it takes to add individual items.  Although you can not choose exact pieces, you can request certain types of merchandise.  Tell us what your customers are looking for.  For example, do you want more earrings, statement necklaces, do you have requests for certain colors or themes?  We will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Purchasing more inventory and supplies.

You can purchase new inventory items online using your personal discount code.  If you have a special request for a particular item, please email us.  We may have exactly what you are looking for in-stock or on order.  Supplies and additional displays and marketing materials are also available for purchase by following the link below. 

Can I sell online?

Absolutely!  Facebook and blogs are a great way to show inventory to your customers.  The only stipulation is that the products maintain the name Blair's Jewelry & Gifts.  We do require that you provide us with the links to any site where you will be selling our products.  Mostly so we can follow up with your progress and make suggestions to help you improve sales.  We are happy to provide you with pictures of inventory when available. 

What are the rewards for my hostess?

Minimum Sales Requirements.

There are no minimum monthly sales requirements.  We do require that you purchase at least $150 worth of new inventory through-out the year to remain an active Sales Rep.  If you do not fulfill your minimum sales requirement for the year, your discount code will be canceled and you will be required to start over with a new Starter Kit.

Financial Responsibility.

You are responsible for your own taxes and credit card processing.  If you choose to accept credit cards, we recommend registering with a mobile processor such as Square.

How do I get started? 

Click on the link below to purchase your starter kit and submit the Home Sales Rep Application.  Your items will ship as soon as your Sales Rep Application is received.


Home Sales Rep Application

Starter Kit

Additional Supplies