Bordeaux Wrap FAQs

What is the difference between a Bordeaux Wrap and a Bordeaux Cardi Wrap?

When laid out flat, the Bordeaux Wrap looks like an extra long scarf with buttons running up and down each side.  Those buttons can be fastened in various ways to create different wearing styles.  The Bordeaux Cardi Wrap resembles a blanket with a slit halfway thru the center when laid out flat.  It does have any buttons and is worn simply by draping it over the shoulders.  Both wraps are made of the same soft, light weight material.  See the pictures below.

Bordeaux Wrap vs Cardi Wrap

Bordeaux Cardi Wrap vs Bordeaux Wrap


What is the Bordeaux Wrap/Bordeaux Cardi Wrap made out of?

Both wraps are 100% acrylic.


How do I wash my Bordeaux Wrap or Bordeaux Cardi Wrap?

Wash your wrap in cold water on a gentle cycle.  We recommend using a garment bag for extra care.  Hang or lay your wrap flat to dry.


Why do so many of the colors look similar?  Are they the same?

Simply Noelle releases 2 new color sets per year.  A Fall and a Spring assortment.  Often, these colors are very similar to colors from previous years and sometimes are even identical but under a new name. View our list of similar and exact color matches HERE.